Advanced Driver Assistance System-Sensor Based Speed Breaker Actuation

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The use of sensors has proved to be beneficiary in the design of adaptive and safety measures for automobiles. Traffic squares and crossovers are amongst the major accident prone areas; here we propose that in addition to visual display of traffic lights using a transmitter system the information about the signal lights can be gathered by oncoming vehicles and driver can be provided with a feedback (like voice alert) accordingly for safety purpose. Aiding to the safety measures the traffic crossovers can be provided with a speed sensor based smart speed breaker technology so as to minimize the approach speed of vehicles during free traffic hours.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are new emerging technologies, primarily developed as automated advisory systems to enhance driving safety. The inability and negligence of the driver can lead to serious, even fatal, accidents. Traffic light violations in particular, are one of the most common causes of road crashes worldwide. This is where ADAS can provide help that may prove life-saving. As shown in the picture, this system consists of a transmitter placed on the traffic signals, which transmits the status of traffic light with the help of a “unidirectional antenna”. This antenna is aligned in the direction of the incoming traffic and thus only the intended vehicles receives the traffic light status thereby making no confusion and providing crisp information to drivers. When the status is received at the vehicle a voice and/or visual alert is generated accordingly. As per driver’s convenience this system can be switched on/off with the help of a toggle switch placed in the car.This system will assist the safe driving by giving out a warning signal corresponding to the traffic light.

Also one of the major problems at squares is rushing of the drivers during off peak hours (like late night) or when traffic is very thin. During peak hours the speed with which the vehicles approach is generally safe as far as safety is concerned, thereby reducing the need of speed breakers. But to avoid high speeds during thin traffic “speed breaker on demand” might provide a rational solution for aiding to safe driving. When needed, the speed breakers can be actuated. This speed breaker acts accordingly when a speed sensor senses any vehicle moving with a speed than it is permissible speed (viz. 60 kmph) and can be used in conjunction with the above system. In this system a speed sensor (radar gun) is arranged at a pre-specified distance from the traffic square/crossover. This speed sensor is placed on top of adjoining street light (say around 70 m from the square), which is used to sense a vehicle moving at a speed more than a safe crossing speed limit. A hydraulic/spring-pulley system can be used as an actuation of speed breakers.


* Numerous of road accidents can be prohibited.
* Financially feasible.
* Damage for the vehicles can be reduced (by using speed breakers on demand)
* Ensures smooth traffic regulation.


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