Speed Limiters

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There are certain areas within a city which require better safety systems when it comes to driving. Residential areas and schools for example feature a high pedestrian activity which increases the risk of accidents. In order to do that, speed limiters have been installed on the road, in addition to the signs that specify the top speed a car should reach.

However, in some cases, these speed limiters represent a problem for the driver and his vehicle. In many situations, drivers spot the limiters after it’s too late to slow down. Their cars hit the limiters and the shock can destroy or damage parts of it. There are certain situations when these limiters cannot be seen in time: at dusk, at night, in foggy and snowy days and when raining. In addition to that, the speed limiters are sometimes broken or removed by snow plows due to the same factor of low visibility.
I’ve found an idea to protect children, cars and speed limiters.

I designed speed limiters that have some optical signal lights flashing which should not be confused with the classic road signs.

Electronics has grown so much that LEDs have become cheap, very reliable and can be powered by free solar energy. It is time to bring the achievements of technology to road traffic.

Speed limiters will be made by injecting molded polyamide or rubber. It is necessary to use the materials due to their characteristics of mechanical resistance.

As shown in Figure 1 and Figure 2, the curved speed limiters will contain blue LED lights that will be covered with transparent silicone rubber to protect them from shocks and weather conditions.

An important aspect is the electric voltage for the LEDs; a value of 3 V is necessary which is absolutely not dangerous even if, in case of an accident, the cable’s insulation will break, exposing the supply voltage. In practice there will be no potential risk to pedestrians. It is absolutely ruled out any risk.

Each module speed limiter on the road will be fixed with some screws, according standards road safety.

Every form of silicone rubber will be fitted with six LED blue lights, not to be confused with car lights. Place six LEDs for safety if one LED is damaged.

Flashing blue light will attract the attention of drivers who generally pay attention to the road and will have time to brake without destroying their car bumpers when crossing over speed limiters.

Even for the initial purpose of protecting children, optical beacons with mounted blue lights are better than regular speed limiters. Lights on the road will catch the attention of the driver.

And it’s the same case in winter when snow deposes on the road; flashing lights will make them easier to notice.

Persons who drive equipment for cleaning snow will see that they are located beneath the snow plow, avoiding the damaging or destruction of the speed limiters.


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