Railway Signalling

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3D Technical Prints company is honored to present its new product.
In this year we will start production of housing of railway signalling.
Novelty in that type of product is use of FDM 3D printing.
Our company created project of high-performance large format 3D printer.
It allow to apply 3D printing technology to production.

Advantages of that housing are:

-low weight
-no need of maintenance
-great durability

Low weight of railway signalling allow to use innovative construction solutions.
lowered lamp of Railway signal allows to servicing it from the ground level.
Technician does not have to climb on the railway signal.
It increasing security of servicing railway signal.
Low weight of signalling lamp allows to reduce weight of whole railway signal and that mean reduced costs of finished product.
Company is ready to implement new solutions for railway.
Use of 3D printing allows to easy fit size and kind of casing to customer's needs.


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