Traffic Red Light And Stop Sign Detection Camera For Preventing Side Impact Crashes

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In year 2013, 32,719 people died in US road accidents. Out of these around 8,598 people died because of crashes occurred at intersections on US roads ( Source: NHTSA traffic safety facts ). Intersection crashes occur when a vehicle jumps the red light or stop sign and hits the vehicle on side which is coming on the green light on intersection.

There have been lots of improvement in the side impact crashworthiness of the vehicles in recent years to minimize the intersection related deaths but still intersection related death numbers are high. There is further scope in reducing these numbers by introducing crash-avoiding technologies in vehicles. Already there are many crash-avoiding technologies available in market like Frontal collision warning, Lane departure warning, Blind spot detection, Pedestrian detection etc.

In the concept given here, a camera can be mounted behind the Rear View mirror. This camera detects the Traffic Red light and Stop signs. When the vehicle is approaching the red light or stop sign and is not slowing down then the camera detects this and gives warning to the driver to stop the vehicle. Surveys shows that a driver usually jumps the red light or stop sign when he is distracted with either in conversation with fellow passengers or talking over cell phone.

With this Red light and Stop sign detection camera technology, an audio and visual warning will alert the drivers before they jump the red light or stop sign. Hence this will help further in reducing the intersection related fatalities.


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