Puncture Proof Burst Proof Tire

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The challenge areas are pertaining to Puncture of tyre in a vehicle, need of wheel balancing by use of carcinogenic material Lead, leakage of air/nitrogen from tyre resulting in low fuel efficiency and local overheating of tyre causing tyre bursts and decrease in tyre life. It becomes more challenging to commuters in vehicles without having spare wheel and two wheeler segments as additional wheel to replace in case of puncture is not available. In case of commuters who are old or female the problem of puncture creates havoc. According to RMA, in US alone around 33,000 injuries occur every year due to malfunction of tires. Globally it is estimated that 1.25 million injuries and casualties are occurring per annum because of tires.

Our Mild RFT is a Multi-chambered Tubeless tyre with sealant inside the chamber to take care of puncture in tread and side wall. Additional chamber can be made of similar material as that of inner liner or butyl rubber with or without nylon strings before vulcanization and the sealant being provided after vulcanization. Tycheejuno’s (TJ) Tyre can be manufactured in existing manufacturing set up with small modifications. Our Mild RFT takes care of the drawbacks of Traditional Sealant in tyre namely Leakage, Deterioration of sealant due to interaction with air, problem in Wheel Balancing, Rubber hardening, clogging near the valve, Messy feeling for customer etc.. Additionally the sealant inside chamber in our tyre acts as a coolant and increases the life of the tyre.
In future TJ envisages to bring tire technology which is apt to take care of bursts as well. Bursts usually occur because of local overheating and high shear. The local overheating is taken care of by the sealant as it works like a coolant and decreases the chances of bursts. Unlike other Run Flat Tyres available in the market, it doesn’t have any limitations on distance and speed after puncture and does not cost you to replace the tyre. The Mild Run Flat tyre will go on and on, without making a hole in the pocket of customer. This arrangement can be extended to existing Run Flat Tyre and give extended advantage.
Apart from safety aspect, another very disturbing aspect is use of Cancer causing material Lead for wheel balancing. US regulations has already banned Lead for wheel balancing, and we believe similar law will also come in UK, Europe and rest of the world in near future. There is no convincing solution to meet the regulation except perhaps TJ’s new technology. The centrifugal pressure at higher speed and the consistent uniform pneumatic pressure helps in uniform distribution of the sealant sand witched between chamber and inner liner of tubeless tyre and achieves dynamic wheel balancing.
We’ve worked a lot to solve this global problem of tyre failures, loss of lives and loss of fuel etc. for more than a decade to bring a Green, Fuel Efficient, Environment Friendly Safe Automobile product to the world.


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    Poor road conditions in developing country causing frequent tyre failures, leading to huge traffic problem & loss of fuel, time and causing inconvenience to many people.
    Use of lead (RoHS) and growing incidence of cancer globally apart from numerous tyre related causalities.
    And 160 billion USD global market of tire.
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