iRoadSafe - Pedestrian Safety Warning Wearable System

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In recent years, the traffic safety issues becoming more important about how to further reduce casualties. In addition to the driver's attention to safety, how to protect the pedestrian safety is the focus of another need to think about. Road safety for the elderly, those with reduced mobility, visually impaired and other ethnic groups has been a concern of the community. Aging is a global trend, and wherein the physically disabled and visually impaired persons will become road safety worries.

Our idea about how to resolve these issues is to develop an “iRoadSafe pedestrian safety warning system.” To enhance road safety of passers-by, our system is designed especially for the elderly, young children, the visually impaired, mobility, road construction workers and other special passers-by. Our system includes an "iRoadSafe Wearable" device for pedestrians wear, “iRoadSafe App” smart phone software, “iRoadSafe on Cloud” cloud application services, and an “iRoadSafe Roadside” gateway software integrating people end, the clouds and the road-side information. Our system will combine “Cloud Big Data” analytics and “Roadside” real-time sensing capability to judgment the use of passers-by state is in danger. Then our system will through miniaturization WAVE / DSRC communication technology and mobile phone SMS App software, provide immediate security warning messages to alert pedestrian.

Key featured of our system are:
1.Traffic signal prompts: When approaching a pedestrian crossing, our system will analyzing the pedestrian crossing the intersection and across the direction of the corresponding state, then transmit immediate semaphore (red yellow light, green light in seconds will end), and voice prompts immediately shake to inform the current lights and countdown time to pedestrian.
2. Warning of moving vehicles: When pedestrian approaching a pedestrian crossing and our system analyzing with radar detectors have a moving vehicle approaching the crossing, will immediately rapid high-decibel sound warning pedestrians stop.
3. Traffic signal extend time function: When a pedestrian crossing the intersection, our system will take some analysis from the pedestrian passage time, and if the green countdown time has been less than time of pedestrian passage, will initiative to extend a period of time and to send a message notifying the pedestrian number of seconds remaining in the green.

The advantages about our system are: First, our wearable devices with very low communication latency (0.002 second). Second, Combined with the cloud, accurate analysis of pedestrian movements, combined with roadside immediate detection, to provide reliable early warning capacity, and third is our system provides side, the road ends, the cloud software and hardware complete solution for pedestrian safety.

Key advantages of our iRoadSafe software are:
1. Software running on a native smartphone or tablet solution (iOS and Android)
2. Software running on cloud server
3. Software running on wearable device (support WAVE/DSRC communication


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