Official Presidential Ride

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President “Presidential” Official Ride of The United States is a stairways moving forward progress images of The President embarkation up/debarkation down the assigned Official Presidential Fleet airport ramp indicates met-exceeded fiduciary world leadership responsibility upgraded onto generator powering The Office of The President of The United States escalator reducing accidents with FAA accepted design that enables family values teaching-educating-training young children stairways safety practices what to do-not to do maintained now sustained. Children noticing all and everyone in situations on TV acting or doing-performing discretionary unacceptable imaging concepts powered escalator best containment protocol re-establishes family values images now have damaged simultaneously embraces VIP’s and daily commuters in a better-best embarkation/debarkation method. Marketability is worthy of once Made In USA label now returned showcased domestically airports nationwide and foreign airports displayed generates sales exports included. Innovation improves customer service enhancing airport personnel movement of disabled and non-disabled farther develops improving President’s image first step best foot right direction forward reason designed innovation the difference for betterment of mankind-womankind simultaneously denying those who endangering life and limb threatening injuries being at risk falling tripping miss-stepping currently walking physically stepping up or down stairs endangerment issues resolved by developing-manufacturing the Presidential Ride a business leadership role my parents like all parents desiring best improved safety innovation for them and their children also demanded I follow “Do Not Hop-Jump-Skip on stairways nor follow those who are nor do as another does” and perhaps spank me if caught violating their instilled family values guidance-knowledge-thought-teaching being expressed in this design so nowadays children alive may pattern their habits stepping not hopping-bouncing-jumping-skipping and their children lives also enjoy improved safety-security benefits as is generator-powered escalator a progressive image for a President and for anyone everyday embarkation/debarkation vehicular transports airborne, land, and seaborne eliminates-reduces accidents risk of people walking-stepping with development-manufacturing moving stairways going up and down minimum two-person side-by-side designs automatically a mandatory required airport safety improvement U.S. image-sake for risks avoidance Presidential biggest free-fall miss-hopping/miss-stepping/miss-skipping ramp-steps being safety blunder already happened-captured image threatening endangerment of life-limb injuries needlessly recklessly falling tripping miss-stepping while currently running hopping up flight of stairs physically exerting energy and motion future steps taken on escalator moving stairways voids nowadays hops-jumps-bounces-skips never that risk image of not one Official President leading future parents should be allowed displaying violated family values teaching when available is stairways embarkation/debarkation rules using Presidential Ride being newly manufactured an Official Jetliners sanctioned etiquette escalator establishes U.S. know-how which leads innovation best practices applied in thinking-moving progress forward being designed a more enabled stable purposeful global use airport improvement accessory which meets justifiable disabled persons handicap requirements coupled having everyday consumers tired on their feet relieved when said no need walking nor stepping now all will glide up/down powered moving stairways by an upgrade safety-health initiative in support of sustainment of family values protecting against threatening accidents from-of falling-tripping-hopping-bouncing-skipping-miss-stepping now eliminated also currently voided is bad footing on steps embarkation/debarkation vehicular transports airborne-land-seaborne during austere weather conditions.


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    The Future is my oyster just like today I want to prepare pathways unlike ways/innovations now observed for relatives friends and others and my unfulfilled dreams fruition.
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