Smart Hybrid Bike (Petrol/Electric)

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Motorcycle/Bikes are most preferable transportation machinery in developing countries. We have hybrid vehicle, Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicles, Electric Vehicles in developed countries but they are still far away of the reach of general public in developing countries because of their heavy cost. Electric vehicles are failing in the due to lack of reliable technology to meet their daily life use.

Fuel prices hiking day by day. So they require a fuel efficient vehicle. But Fuel cost is just a factor affecting directly to their life.

Others factors like Air pollution due to smoke exhausting from the Engines of those millions of vehicles.

But in finding solution process I found that the feature lack in current hybrid technologies in bikes are "Smartness".

So working on it I have found a way to solve those problem as "Smart hybrid Bike" and "Smart Hybrid vehicle Kit-(Convert existing vehicle into smart Hybrid)".

Developing Countries like India, Traffic and narrow roads are one major issue. Specially for city drive you have to face mostly those traffics. In cities where roads are wide but have traffic signals at regular interval- a major headache.

During this all condition most of the time bike engine is producing excessive power then require, and hence energy get wasted, Air polluted during all this time.
So the "Smart Hybrid Bike" have a feature to recognize this kind of situation and smartly handle it.

Compare to Petrol Engine, Electric motor are easy and efficient too for instant start and stop. Moreover Electric Motor require no idling as in case for Petrol Engine for bike at rest in traffic.

There is a "Smart Control Unit" which automatically recognize this situation and accordingly shift the power source to Series or Parallel Hybrid or No Hybrid Drive(in case of Batteries Dead).

There are different working mode illustrated in the diagrams. During city drive generally the max speed is 30kmph and average speed 60kmph on highway.

By practical test I Found that electric motor is more reliable and efficient for the speed range of 0 to 35kmph, Further more for more power and speed Petrol Engine will perform its roll. Smart Control Unit will shift power source to Electric motor to Engine depending on speed of the Bike which will explain the traffic situation to the SCU by means of Speed Sensor signal.

Three Main Mode(in control of Driver)
1). Smart Hybrid (Motor Remain ON for speed less then 30kmph, and Engine come in action as speed goes beyond 30kmph)
2). Boost ( Motor and Engine Power are combined to meet any high power requirement like climbing on sloppy road)
3). Off Mode ( Turn off the Hybrid feature and vehicle work as conventional vehicle, No Aid from Electric Motor, in case of Dead Batteries).

Electric Motor(Hub Motor) can be positioned either at Front or Rear Wheels. For first Experiment we are placing motor at Front wheel of the Bike.

Batteries are rechargeable. They can be charged from Home electric supply when bike is in non-use.


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