RECAP (Reduce Energy Consumption And Pollution)

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The major concern for this and upcoming decades is energy conservation and pollution control that's exactly what our project is about. Our idea helps the motor vehicle such as car and SUV's to reduce its fuel consumption by 1.5% and that's incredible amount of fuel conservation considering in 2014 , about 136.78 billion gallons of gasoline was consumed in the United States , and it buys an extra 2.9 billion gallons of fuel that is wasted in traffic jams and with our idea we can save about 80% of this fuel and more importantly we and reduce pollution by incredible amount .

Market potential of our idea:
One key property of any market idea to be successful in market is to "KEEP IT SIMPLE" , and our idea is more than just simple, but we shouldn't underestimate the incredible potential it holds by its simplicity as already mentioned our idea can save about 1.5% of the total fuel consumption in country.

We need to understand the difference between petroleum and other energy resources in manner that we can't generate it and we need to conserve and use it judiciously.

In our model we are making use of a compression spring to store energy from moving wheel or engine when engine is made to run in specific gear say gear number -1 , and then this stored energy can later be utilized to run our vehicle without switching on the engine while we are stuck in traffic,toll,or any other queue.

The basic concept is when the spring is in uncompressed state then it can be charged in two ways one is by moving wheel and other is by engine when it is made to run in specific gear say -1.If we want to charge the spring from wheel we are making use of parallel chain(Please find it in the illustration given as attachment) , and when we want to charge the spring from engine then the engine is made to run in specific gear and a transmission shaft coming out of engine is connected to pulley through which the spring is charged.
Now when the spring is fully charged the parallel chain coming from wheel side is transferred to free pulley and a cross chain is brought in action that connects wheel side pulley and spring side pulley and now while the spring releases itself the pulley connected to spring rotates this in turn rotates the transmission shaft and thus the cross belt connected pulley also rotates this in turn rotates the pulley connected to wheel and in this manner our vehicle is made to run.

While the vehicle is moving the spring is charged by moving wheel and when we are traffic we can charge the spring by switching on the for a moment and then turn off our engine and thus saving a lot of fuel when compared to the situation where we leave the engine switched on throughout the time we are stuck in jam, traffic, toll, etc.


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