Sky Tram - The Wind And Solar-powered High Speed Transportation System

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Sky Tram is a wind and solar-powered high speed transportation system that aims to connect every city in the USA within 10 years. The Sky Tram transportation system will support innovative R&D with its culmination of technologies and services. Sky Tram provides an efficient and advanced renewable energy solution regarding transportation and mass transit.

Sky Tram will be built using recycled airline fuselages as a green manufacturing option. The tram cars can also be built out of composites. It will be powered by fast charge batteries that can enable the Sky Tram to achieve speeds of up to 250 miles per hour.

Freeways are dilapidating and over capacity. Streets and highways are congested and in need of constant construction costing the U.S. billions of dollars annually, wasting valuable time and energy. Thousands of people are killed every year from transportation accidents. Overall, the transportation system in the United States has remained stagnant for several decades and will continue to lack technological innovation and energy efficiency. Sky Tram solves all of these very real issues and more.

The Sky Tram transportation system enhances economic and energy security of the United States because it creates revenue, uses its own self-generating green energy, and creates millions of American jobs. It will be less expensive and more economical to construct and operate, as well as safer and immune to most of the problems other current transportation systems have. Sky Tram will travel over highways, traffic congestion, rivers, and other environmental or urban features. Sky Tram will also be immune to floods, snow, ice, heat, wind, and minor earth quakes.

By combining off-the-shelf advanced technologies in wind and solar energy, propulsion, batteries, composites, and design, Sky Tram has created a successful solution to the current burdensome transportation and mass transit options while reducing energy-related emissions as well as imports of energy from foreign sources.

Sky Tram can be constructed fast and at a fraction of the cost of other transportation systems. It will have a positive cash flow and will be funded mostly with private financing and passenger generated revenue. Sky Tram will be a job creator, providing as many as 4.5 million permanent jobs and 2 million construction obs. Sky Tram can potentially reduce our federal budget deficits substantially once it is in full swing.

Building a new nationwide transportation system that is less expensive, fast, comfortable, safe, more economical, and powered by wind and solar energy is the best solution. This project can start as soon as financing is secured. Everything else is available and ready for construction to start. Patents have been applied for and are currently pending.


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