Child Restraint System For Growing Of Child

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The child grows on a daily basis and it is very difficult to maintain a particular size of restraint system hence I have an Idea of designing New child restraint system which has fallowing feature
1. Can able accommodate different sizes of child.
2. can provide same comfort level to child with respect to change in size
3. it is very easy to manufacture
4. Easily affordable with varying features.

The technology involved is very simple the weight sensors detects the weight of the child and sensor provided in the restraint system detects the body size and shape based on that there will be Pneumatic air actuating system which detect the volume of air required to filled in side the restraint system, once the air filled inside the system sensors placed inside the restraint system detects the pressure and contact between the child body and restraint system. hence we can design a system such a way that it is very is to maintain different comfort levels. the system involves more electronic controls

Based on the automotive standards of anthropometric on child restraint system can be implement on different size of child restraint system.


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    Sangamesh Bhure
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