ISAS – Integrated Shock Absorber–Air Spring

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ISAS (Integrated Shock Absorber -Air Spring) is an easy and cheap solution for vehicle trim correction easy-going or in real time, to increase stability, comfort, passing capacity, handling, cruise speed and active security, reducing the risk of undercarriage damage.

The novelty is to create a controllable buoyant force under the damper dust shield, by sliding closing the area between dust shield and outer cylinder and filling it with compressed gas/air at proper pressure.

Comparative to the known solution realize with rubber sleeve/bellows the new proposed solution is more compact, reliable and resistant at high pressure, thus having possibility to fully eliminate the steel spring, his function being full taken by the air spring device contained by the ISAS product, situation reducing the cost comparative to the classic suspension.

The “ISAS” trim corrector, has applicability on each vehicle kind including motorcycles, cars, buses, trucks, trains, military and racing vehicles, improving performances, comfort and transport security.
The same the novel trim corrector has applicability in vehicle seats and cabin, increasing the comfort, visibility and thus the transport security.

The ISAS concept may be a completely new release or realized using any kind (mono-tube, twin tube, MR, VZN etc.) of new or worn shock absorber/strut.
So the new devices serve the first assembly, or aftermarket, or artisanal in vehicle services.

The market potential refer till to 100% for the SUV, light trucks, busses, trucks, high class cars, military and off road vehicles, to eliminate the disadvantages produced by high load variation, bad roads, but the same for speed and racing vehicles adjusting the body-ground clearance to the optimal values and thus improving the aerodynamic coefficient and stability.

To realize ISAS uses a standard damper and apply some minor modifications, presented below:
1. replace the standard dust shield with other one resistant to pressure
2. apply an annular body on the outer cylinder, the annular body containing one or more channels with one or more seal elements, the sealing lip/s sliding sealing on the inner surface of the new dust shield
3. seal new resistant dust shield against rod with a seal member
4. apply an air filling valve on the dust shield and connect it to a pressure air source, respectively to a compressed air tank or a compressor
5. adjust manually or automatically the vehicle trim, by modifying the gas/air pressure

The manufacture can be realized in shock absorbers factories,or in more or less specialized workshops.
Two ISAS models were realized in workshop using aftermarket dampers. They were tested in laboratory and on road, results being presented in paper “The study of the new type of trim corrector efficiency, based the tests on rigs and on vehicle” – SMAT 2014

Comparative with products already in the marketplace, the new products will have the same prices or less but increased performances, offering solution with high performances similar to the semi-active suspensions, but at more reduced prices.

The ISAS solutions (some attached) are in patent application no. A2015/00368 – OSIM Romania


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