Emergency Door

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In the Automotive world nowadays fire accidents are more prevalent all over; hundreds of people are losing their lives and others have serious injuries. Modern technology is making the automotive field run faster, but speed and accidents are competing each other, so speed needs the help of safety to win the race.

This emergency window provides a way for the passenger to quickly and easily evacuate when a cabin or coach catches fire at any time. The passenger doesn't need to break the glass of the bus or train when accidents takes place. It is automatically activated by the sensors so the windows slide down mechanism.

This model works as to give way in critical condition, i.e fire accident due to electrical short circuit or any collisions takes place, when fire accidents takes place in coaches or trains and even flights. All or some of the windows/wind shields slide down automatically when reaching the cabin temperature of 65 degree Celsius and windows or side panel slides down automatically in the provided groove.

By using this mechanism all passengers and crew can escape easily and as quickly as possible. They can jump out of the cabin to save them, so no one loses their life. We can construct this technique to all windows are selected ones of coaches, trains and also on flights while landing even in flying at high attitude by parachutes.

This technique could be used on flights, buses and trains.


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    Phaneendra Kumar Gajavelli
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    I was inspired to make a new innovation to save mother earth and it should be useful it to every one. Because in my office all day time we are using electric lamps so i was inspired by this daily activity .
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