Design Of Circular Radiator

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A cooling system in automobiles is used to remove excess heat produced in the internal combustion engines. In most automobiles the cooling system consists of the following components: radiator, water pump, cooling fan, pressure cap and thermostat. Of these components, the radiator is the most prominent part of the cooling system, because it transfers the heat in the entire system.

The radiators used in automobiles are either rectangular or square shaped, but air blown/sucked by means of the fan is circular in area which develops low velocity zones in corners. So, it is proposed to develop a circular radiator which eliminates the corners.

The proposed circular radiator is compact in size as compared with the conventional ones. It has an upper and lower tank of radiator designed inside the fan area. The upper and lower tanks of radiator have fins designed with them which enhance the heat transfer similar to air cooled engines. Tubes and fins of radiator core are designed inside the draft area of the fan. Hence, heat transfer will occur efficiently. Thus, the proposed circular radiator will be more effective and compact one.


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