Posture Compatible Bicycle

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Bicycles are coming back into our lives. People in the cities realize the pain and suffering due to fuel wasted in the traffic, both on health and pocket. This situation has allowed bicycles to come bank in trend for covering short distances. This trend can easily be extended to medium to long distances if the bikes are more comfortable.

The basic reason for discomfort that most of the people feel is because people are not used to remain in the same posture. Add this discomfort to burning sensation of exercise that one feels on a bicycle, we have a loss-loss situation. Most people realize this, hence avoid using bicycle for anything other than short distances. Even people who are regular riders do complain of stiff back and shoulders after a long ride.

The posture compatible bicycle allow the user to change the cycling posture to some extent while riding the bicycle. The basic concept is to make the whole of the bike frame move up and down the fork, pivoting the frame about the rear axle. The remaining components of the frame are not disturbed.

Every person is unique in terms of his physique. So, should be his bike. A standard bike hardly suits any user. The first activity every new bicycle customer undertakes is to try to adjust the part such as the seat height according to his own needs. As, these user defined adjustments remain same relative to the rider, there are no sources of discomfort that are added after the adjustment.

The objective can achieved by fitting the fork with a screw jack and a screw lock. The screw translates the head tube, along the length of the steering stem. The handle remains at the same height. The movement allows the user to change the angle in the back, proving him with the much required posture change.

The screw can be actuated manually by hand or using the power from the live axle. An electric motor can also be used for this purpose.

The design is an easy to implement and cheap solution to the problem. Any bicycle can be easily modified in your garage, to accommodate the posture change. The manufacturing process also is easy and the assembly lines can continue without any major change.

The same concept can be applied in motorcycles too.


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    Manarshhjot Singh
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    Being a regular bike rider myself, I do suffer from ride related problems. Hence, the design was a selfish act of self-comfort, which can be utilized by all.
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