e Windshield

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For decades windshields have played an important role in vehicles. With the bunch of usefulness windshield also bring some annoyance to the driver. The hot sunlight refracting from the windshield may blind the driver in certain circumstances. The high beam lights from the opposite vehicle is a nightmare for drivers in night. Apart from this there are number of blind-spots in vehicle. These bind-spots are caused by the metallic frames of vehicles and eliminating them may lead to poor robust of vehicles.

e-Windshield (electronic Windshield) is an innovative concept of replacing the traditional windshield in vehicles. It means there is no more glass windshields, no wipers, and no annoying blind-spots. The design of e-Windshield consists of a curved display similar to the size of tradition windshield to be placed within the vehicle. This curved display will get life with the help of super sensitive cameras with high sensitive image sensors such as IMX224MQV on board. These cameras are mounted on the bumper, bonnet, front mirrors and various images from these cameras are manipulated to provide a 260 degree view of vision to the driver.

With the new era of infotainment driving culture, a standalone device inside a vehicle is a serious cause of driver's distraction. With this e-Windshield all the infotainment system as well as the navigational system can be synchronized so that the every single information can be delivered with the zero loss in driver's attention. Automatic traffic board detecting algorithm can be used in the cameras so that all the traffic signs can the direction signs on road can be highlighted to the screen. Drivers with poor vision and also those who are poor in reading the sign boards can be benefited with the help of this system.


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    Raghul M R
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    My annoyance with the blind spots in my car is the major inspiration.
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