Advanced Vehicle Security Tracking System

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Biometrics can be used at many places like Industries, Offices, and Colleges or even at our home. This project is a fine combination of “Biometrics technology” and “Embedded system technology." Fingerprint sensor is the main part of this system. It makes use of Biometric sensor to detect a fingerprint. Fingerprint sensors use various types of techniques like ultrasonic method, optical method or thermal technique. In this project we have used optical fingerprint sensor, and made it possible to utilize “keyless entry” Main blocks of this project are Microcontroller, Fingerprint module, Buzzer, Relay, Keypad, LCD display and Actuators. We have seen Password based security system &RFID based security system. The main feature of fingerprint is that it is unique for each person. This gives this project a higher level of security than other security systems. Person recognition using the Fingerprint identification is used since a long time. Most common example is use in the criminal cases.


The past decade has seen a steady rise in cases of vehicular theft, many of which still remain unsolved. The majority of these cases are a resultant of misplaced keys of the vehicle. We had the idea that counterweighs these actions. We thought, “Why not biometrics?”, and that is where it kicked off. The thought of having biometrics gave us a lot of interest to develop it further.

A.Technical Background: All the previous vehicular systems have been implemented using Radio Frequency. And none of them update the owner, like ours does in our project using a GSM module. There has not been any work in this area. Biometrics sensor has a volatile memory. In order to have the fingerprints stored on for a long time, the storage has to be on a device that consumes less power.
The output of the biometrics sensor is given to the microcontroller for analysis, which then decides to unlock the doors(using the actuators) or notify the owner of attempted theft (using GSM module). This GSM module gives the owner real-time updates about the car’s users. When any authorized person has attempted to unlock the vehicle, the microcontroller sends out the signal to the actuators to unlock the doors.


To implement this, we need to have two modes. One is for the owner of the vehicle. The other mode is for any of the other users. In “admin” mode, the owner can either use the vehicle or enroll other users. In “normal” mode, the users will have only one choice, to use the vehicle. In addition to this, the GSM module adds more authenticity to this whole idea. It provides sole dictatorship to the owner of the vehicle. The owner can keep track of who is using his vehicle, real-time; and also give access to new users from the place he is in, without even going near the vehicle (using a secret code)


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