Tire's Coefficient of Friction measuring Device

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In present work we are going to provide a solution to car drivers who don’t have proper quantitative state of their tires. With this product we are trying to equip every individual with an economical and easy way to get a precise state of the tire they are driving and have a safe journey.

Available devices can only tell the tread's depth as a measure to know condition of tyre. But, in our product we will provide the coefficient of friction (COF) of tire that will be a reliable data to rely upon. Device can be used on all kind of tire that vary in diameter and operating condition.

Different places have different kind of road condition like snow, rain and extremely heated areas. Government body can provide required COF of tire with provided device for having a safe ride. Automobile industry can also be benefited by providing tire condition of owner’s car on a more frequent interval. Researchers can also use this device to develop a better tire by conducting test on actual running conditions.

This device use DC motor to provide relative motion between tire, which remain stator, and surface which is similar to road. Friction force experienced by system is measured using a load cell. Operator will get COF of their tire with device’s system. In a way we are creating a virtual condition similar to road and tire interaction.

Every part of device are easy to manufacture, that can be manufacture economically. The electronic part used in the device are easily available cheap devices.


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