Future Solar Train

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My plan is to make a future train that is self powered and safe for people to travel. I have come up with a plan that can be implemented in near future. This can be installed in any running trains in date like diesel, electric, etc with a little change. I have tried to make a prototype with a toy train. The project can be implemented in any train with minimal modifications. So I named it as “FUTURE SOLAR TRAIN”.

How to make it: Take a train, mount some solar panel above each coach. Install some battery into the train. Install a charging/powering kit to it. Install a motor/drive train to it. Install everything to each other as shown in the diagram. And the Future Solar train is ready to roll with its self power.

Workings: When UV Rays fall in the solar panel, chemical reaction occurs in the solar panel, which helps in producing atoms (flow of current). These atoms (flow of current) then travel through the connected wires to the solar charger/powering kit installed in the train. The charging kit then sends required amount of power (current) to the motor or drive train and rest to the battery. The motor/drive train runs the train with it coaches. The battery saves the power for latter use.

Advantages: The advantages of this type of train are that it can run on its own power. It does not require any fossil fuel like coal, petrol, diesel, etc. It can run on harsh conditions, like rainy seasons, Ice Mountains, deserts, etc. It can run nonstop without refueling. It requires no frequent service. With these advantages it is safe and a cost efficient train.

If the solar-powered train project becomes a success, Railway department can radically cut carbon emissions, doing its bit to address climate change concerns.
The proposal to experiment with a solar-powered train, itself marked the beginning of research aimed at addressing a major socio- economic concern of the day.


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