Bluetooth Vehicle Burglary Protection

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Bluetooth Vehicle Theft Prevention
The recent surge of vehicle burglaries in the LA area through hacking into remote entry devices prompted the design concept of measures to maintain the integrity of the vehicle security. Hackers are currently able to hide themselves a substantial distance from the target vehicle and clone the remote entry upon use. The perpetrators simply access the vehicle through the cloned device, remove any valuables and re-lock the vehicle on exit.

To eliminate the security issues resulting from remote control cloning, a Bluetooth transmitter is used to access the vehicle in conjunction with the vehicle manufacturer remote entry. The vehicle can continue to be locked a distance from the vehicle using the vehicle remote control; however, to gain access to the vehicle, the Bluetooth receiver located inside the vehicle must receive at close proximity a signal from the Bluetooth transmitter, prior to enabling the vehicle remote access. Without the Bluetooth validation, the vehicle manufacturer remote control will not unlock the vehicle.

The addition of the Bluetooth transmitter/receiver adds a second layer of protection and renders the cloning of vehicle remote access devices useless.


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