Plug In Hybrid Kit Car

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Milner Motors Plug-in Hybrid Kit-Car

The Milner Motors ElectriCar is a four-door, four-seat, plug-in hybrid electric kit-car car designed to be efficient, stylish and affordable.

The vehicle has a fiberglass skin over a steel frame and weighs 1250 lbs. It drives 100 miles on battery and at speeds up to 85 mph. For trips greater than 100 miles, batteries are charged enroute by a small gasoline-powered generator.

The ElectriCar has 54" front shoulder room, the same as two first-class airline seats. Four doors provide easy access for passengers and back seat storage.

Aerodynamic Design - The airplane-like shape provides low aero-dynamic resistance. We predict 8 HP or less to drive 60 MPH on level ground.

Light-Weighting - Advanced-composite construction allows a 50% reduction in body structure weight. Like Indianapolis race cars, it possesses optimum aerodynamic shape.

Crashworthiness -It provides increased safety during front or rear collisions. The front and rear wheels sitting away from the fuselage protects occupants during side impact accidents, and provide a more stable, quiet ride.

Batteries: Lithium battery pack. A battery management system (BMS) protects the batteries. Driving an average of 40 miles per day, you will charge your batteries every other day, and doing so, your batteries will last ten years.

Motors: Two brushless three-phase motors can each run continuously at 20 HP. Together they can generate 80 HP for acceleration. When the batteries need recharging, the second motor becomes a generator, powered by the range-assist engine. This precludes the need for commercial charging stations.

Regenerative Braking: When the brake pedal is pressed, the energy is fed back into the batteries to be reused, and decreases use of the hydraulic disc brakes.

Running Gear: We utilize tried-and-true components for the wheels, tires, hubs, axles and brakes, selected from existing vehicles with extensive engineering and operating history.

Driver’s Instruments: The vehicle has two full-color monitors. The primary monitor provides normal instrumentation, plus a full-time 180 degree rear view mirror, eliminating the blind spot. The secondary touch screen monitor controls Climate, Audio and Power Usage.

Passenger windows – Each window electrically retracts into the door. This allows fresh air, and as a safety consideration, an opening large enough to climb out of in an accident.

Heating & Cooling: An electric heater/air conditioner can preheat or cool the vehicle at your preselected time. When the vehicle is parked at its charging place, it uses ground power.

Storage: A 10 cubic foot area handling everything from groceries to golf clubs is behind the rear seat. Additionally, the rear seat back easily folds over to expand the storage area to 30 cubic feet.

How We Plan to Move Ahead

We at Milner Motors are convinced the time is right for someone to offer a kit-built electric car. We feel our ElectriCar can be the favorite of electric kit cars.

We are looking to partner with a company with fabrication and marketing capabilities, with which we can work to complete this venture. We are willing to share future development.


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