See Through Fluid And Oil Filters

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Clear View Filtration’s Patented Filter Assemblies were designed to be used as an oil filter for internal combustion engines. The sight window allows visually inspection of the fluid or oil pumping through the filter, this helps determine the condition of the fluid. When fluid is not pumping through the filter it can be emptied in seconds exposing the filter element and the visible particles that were filtered out of the system. This is done without draining, leaking, or the loss of fluid and without unbolting or loosening any fasteners or fittings. Even when filtering non-transparent fluids like dirty engine oil. Inspecting filtered contaminants in a fluid system helps determine if the particles are from normal wear or from excessively wearing components in an engine or machinery supplying the filter assembly.

Filters come in different sizes and some models also have provisions for disposable filters to screw on the bottom. These are designed for dual filtering where the fluid first flows through the top filter assembly and through the top of the filter element which catches all the visible particles, then flows into the disposable filter catching all the microscopic and dust particles.

These Filters mount remotely and are easily hooked up to any fluid system or engine. The fluid first flows through the top filter housing. Then through passageways and through the filter screen mesh, trapping the filtered particles on top of the filter element where they can be viewed through the sight window. Fluid then flows into the filter base and either out through the outlet opening on filters with no screw-on disposable filter, or will flow into a disposable filter screwed to the bottom and then out through the outlet opening.

Visually inspecting filtered particles will show a problem early and would prevent many catastrophic engine or equipment failures. Filter elements can be cleaned and reused. Filter Assemblies are easy and inexpensive to maintain. The top and bottom filter housing’s have machined sealing grooves for the filter element seals to fit into and compress for a perfect seal that will withstand high pressures without leaking any fluid. Max working pressure is 150 psi with a max working temp of 200 degrees. All Filter Assemblies are equipped with a Pressure Relief Valve. See Through Filter Assemblies are like having an insurance policy on the engine or machinery supplying the filter assembly.

See Through Filter Assemblies are also beneficial for the environment. Filters are constructed completely with materials that are recycled or can be recycled. Because of the ability to empty the fluid out allows no spilling of any fluid onto the ground and into the environment when cleaning and reusing the filter element.

Filter Assemblies come in different configurations for different applications including engine oil, fuel, transmissions, machinery, hydraulics, and virtually any other type of fluid system where the user wants to visually inspect the fluid and filtered particles. More info at


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