2 Stroke Engine 4000 to 1 Gasoline / Oil Mix Ratio

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This design is other technologies depend which StClaire is also responsible for. Other lubricant maybe be used.

Back in 2001, a 2 Stroke 49cc was treated with one of my product before its release in 2007,

It was first called "NanoLube" then renamed to "Nano-Oil" hence www.NanoLube.com & www.Nano-Oil.com

I lubricated with Nano-Oil

1- the Cylinder Wall

2- Piston + between its rings

3- CrankShaft lower Piston Tie

4- Upper Piston Tie

fuel oil mixture was extremely low 4000 to 1 Ratio 0.25 MilliLiter / cc = 0.008453506 ounces

The oil was as an insurance against premature failure.

I jokingly call this small amount of Oil "an Homeopathic dose" .

I monitored temperature rise & compared to a few baselines done earlier under same atmospheric conditions following manufacturer's recommended fuel / Oil ratio of 40 to 1 ( 25 milliliter/cc or 0.8453506 ounce

TODAY'S 20150701 Implementations for a commercial / manufacturability approach of StClaire's 2 Stroke Engine design:

1- Capture both side of Lower tie rod connection to CrankShaft with a reservoir type O-Ring sealed encompassment.

Reservoir will have an Hex Plug on radial axis O-Ring Seat 3/8-24

Seal: Elastomer to be determined in light that the lower chamber is either in negative atmosphere (relative vacuum) during intake & medium pressure during injection to piston chamber so heat is relatively no concern ,

Hydrocarbon compatibility in selecting the seal is more important in this location so Hypalon could be good options.

Such Hex Fill Plug will be accessible through a window through the lower compression / crank chamber @Bottom Dead Center,
it will also be sealed with O-Ring Seat but bigger then the crank oil chamber for extraction purposes so 7/16-20 Red Silicon Elastomer circa 90 durometer)

Same to be implemented to Upper Piston Tie but made of Titanium or Aluminium to increase reservoir capacity & reduce overall weight of this addition both in hardware & oil content, since this location will be rather inconvenient to replenish Nano-Oil if necessary,

( just do not know if this could be a life long implementation without refilling, destructive tests will reveal that aspect

Same to be implemented on Crankshaft Bearings on both sides of the crank (very easy to implement)

Now the hard part, lubricating the upper & lower piston chamber , above & below the rings

I envision 3 possible methods which I will not elaborate on at this disclosure due to time constraint.
1- sintered material pulsing Nano-Oil or equivalent at the right timing between the 2 piston rings
2- the lubrication could come from the piston itself.
3- just an electronic timed release say every 10,000 RPM
Treat all exposed areas exposed to the burn cycle + all passages to exhaust gas with heat reflection treatment.
This 2 stroke engine could have another chance at being accepted on lakes & bodies of water that banned their use some time back.
I chose not to submit drawing or animations since there is nothing to it.
So goes the challenge.


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    Since 11 years old I have been playing with 2 strokes which fascinates me.
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