3D Tire Printing Mounting

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Early prototype model of 3D Tire Printing and Mounting Unit. With the ability of complicated 3-D Printed structures and light weight design, automotive tires will now be 3-D printed with specialized rubber compounds of carbon additives and mesh like forms. Casing of tire will exit end unit (3-D printer) and the first bead of the rim will be overridden with a soft flexible bead of tire. Second bead of tire will mount likewise. Post printing features will allow tires to shrink allowing beading and curing to occur in a short amount of time. Pressure from inner cylinder will allow force either by air or hydraulic fluid pressing the main piston out to release rubber material. Specialized circular designed print head will be designed in house or 3rd party. All tires designs will be custom modeled, or with current models from manufacturer. New existing technologies will allow precise, complex mesh modeling, therefore eliminating steel belting of tire, precise tread design and safety, reliability, factors included. More modeling, model simulation and testing needs to occur. This is a first rough prototype of the design. Manufacturer tread designs may be modeled on top of created mesh designs of high durability and tensile strength. Both designs will be combined in final casing. This design will eliminate warehousing, transportation and inventory of volumes of stock. Applied material will be designed in an eco-friendly recyclable manner using existing tires to be designed in the process again. Tires will only exist in product (on vehicle) or in raw form.


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