Orb Mouse

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Competition Brief:
The standard computer mouse is outdated, boring, and has very limited functionality. Most mice don't feel comfortable to hold and feel cheap as well. When a mouse has buttons - there is a limit to the speed with which you can click, based on the mechanics of the buttons themselves. Touch surfaces like track-pads are often disliked by many and can be tedious with the swiping. This concept merges the best of both words - the traditional mouse with a multi-function trackpad.

Concept Brief:
This concept is a spherical touch-surface mouse with multiple setting "layers" activated by rotation of an inner gyroscope sensor and designated with a specific color. It has no buttons or specific orientation and is a seamless curved touch surface. It senses your hand and automatically designates left and right clicks based on your thumb and palm placement as well as knowing which way is forward. It incorporates customized touch activities in conjunction with software.

- Enhances ergonomics of the computer mouse - a sphere (not perfect sphere, yet a semi-sphere that has a flat bottom)
- Provides entirely customizable touch functions for regular use - or even gaming macros or program macros ....imagine playing your favorite video game and swiping or touching your mouse to automatically perform a spell or action.
- Layers of touch functions are activated by rotating the ball (gyroscope sensor) and signified by a color on the bottom of the ball. What this means is that if you tap your thumb when the color is green it might do one particular action, but when you rotate the ball to a different touch setting layer (signified by changing from green to blue), your thumb tap will perform a different action. This feature can be very useful during gaming and with many other programs.

Further Explanation:
- Imagine having two or more layers - let's call them green and blue. When using the green layer, your settings are optimized for regular desktop shortcuts. When using blue, your mouse has been programmed with software to control specific shortcuts within an application. The number of layers and colors can be limitless as can the number of specific touch functions.


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