Consumer Products

3D Printing technology is expected to revolutionize each and every manufacturing industry within the next 2 decades. With this 3D Printer specializing in 3D printing of Braille characters on any kind of plastic packaging of common consumer products regardless the extent of existing surface curvature,

This is a small and lightweight device that can be worn on the ear or on glasses (recommended) and is designed to measure accurate cardiovascular information through the superficial temporal artery near the ears. The measurable information includes blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen saturation level and pulse waveform.

Noise is not just a matter of comfort, but also a matter of health! Especially in industrialized regions, noise pollution was often an underestimated factor regarding its physical effects on human beings.

As those who have had the opportunity to carry a hammer in a tool belt can relate, one of the more striking (no pun intended, well yes) issues that happens is the bashing of the hammer handle into the back of the thigh,

Creating lifelike 3D volumetric images is of paramount importance to maximize realism for displays. In order to create a lifelike 3D volumetric image I have successfully developed a new concept after spending several years to research. The concept is described below.

This is an Air Cooler device that can use instead of air conditioner in cars, transportation bus and house.

The car has been one of the most important parts of the human life. We have multiple uses for it. We go for drives we required speed; we go for trip with family we require a lot space; we go shopping we require space to put in all things;

The proposed design is intended to improve the health of the user, in particular their spine alignment during daily activities. Sizable amounts of resources are used to avoid ergonomically induced injuries and this device will help track the user’s spine alignment and give real-time feedback,

AMAZON is an artwork inspired by the goddess of the moon. The speakers are protected by a moulded mask permeable to the sound. Its canonical face is universal in all civilizations around the world while its silkscreen printing can adapt that mask to different countries and cultures.

The problem that we want to solve is to avoid the fulfillment of thefts in private homes using an active anti-theft system. The idea is that of a system which, by continually monitoring the internal domestic environment,

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