Beacon Safety Light

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The Beacon Safety Light ( BSL) is being developed to aid in the evacuation of a structure fire. The statistics are staggering. Every year over 3000 people are killed in fires, many as a result of smoke inhalation, Another 17.000 are injured. The BSL is designed to work in conjunction with a smoke detector and a well thought out and practiced escape plan. BSL is activated by sound activated switch and or RF signal. The BSL is mounted to the wall just above the baseboard. The intent is to light the area where one would be walking or even crawling during a fire emergency. Most fire safety lights are built into the smoke alarm which is mounted near the ceiling. Unfortunately this is the first area to be obscured by smoke. In the case of a severe fire, temperatures just a few feet off the ground can reach over 1000 degrees. not only is the air super heated it is often time toxic. In these situations getting near the floor is the only option for survival. The BSL is a guide at floor level. It can be installed anywhere with simple mounting bracket. the cylindrical shape of the BSL rotates in the mounting bracket which allows adjustment of light perfusion. The directional red and green lights are articulated for proper adjustment and keep victims on track of their escape route. directional lights have a black shroud wich eliminates reflective light on surrounding wall or floor. The BSL can also be mounted under a window giving victims a better chance of escape. The BSL can also be used as a flashlight. it can be kept next to your bed on the night stand ready to turn on and light the way in case of a fire emergency. The BSL is battery operated and has a 20 lumen light. BSL is uni-directional for red light green light orientation.

Victims of fire become scared and confused. Often the toxic smoke clouds reasoning and well as vision. In the most severe cases it is impossibe to stand and walk out of a burning structure, you must get on the floor to survive. The BSL provides a guiding light. the red and green LED lights let you know you are moving in the right direction of your escape plan. The BSL can also lead a victim to a window where they have a greater chance to escape. Can be hand held. The lights come on automaticly when smoke alarm goes off already lighting the way.


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