The New and Easy Cat Litter Trays

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I am a Conceptual Designer & an Inventor/Innovator, my latest innovation and Invention is a Cat Litter Disposing Tray Design which comes in 3 almost identical tray parts. All trays are of identical size and they insert into each other firmly. This design Submission will have the dimensions of the trays as 20 long X 14 wide X 4.5 deep. All this dimensions can be reduced or increased, but that will not change the main function of the design. The top tray will have holes at all times and the size of the holes can vary from 1/8 to 1/4 just large enough for the sand to seep through, and yet every other discharged poop or urine mixed with the sand will remain on the tray. This will assure that with few shakes of the top tray all the clean sand will sift through the holes and every discharge from the cat will remain on the top tray and can be disposed of as trash in a normal disposal bag or a box, I use any empty sand container for a poop and urine disposal use container.

After the sand is sifted in the middle tray #2, the tray with the hole is placed over Tray # 3 or the bottom tray, and the clean contend of the sand from tray # 2 is transferred/ placed back into the tray # 1 with the holes, which now is flatly supported by tray # 3 which actually is identical with tray #2, they will be rotating their places as the sand is sifted through tray #1. Tray # 1 will always be on the top with the holes. Trays #2 and #3 will be rotating as we change and separate the clean sand from the cats discharged poops and urine.

This tray rotating process will speed clearly the separation of the mixed sand with all the cats discharges, eliminate prolonged scooping and created a fluid rotation of the trays which becomes second nature and is very fast to grasp just win one practice


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    Onnik Hovanesian
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    I am Engulfed in all the innovations in Design and Inventions in the Manufacturing and Scientific Sectors, Aviation, Space Craft and the State of the Art Technologies, My Latest Innovation is a Human and Wind Powered Water Craft
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