Punctured Assistant Apparatus

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Designing of some trolley system for motorcycle relates to the field of Mechanical / Automobile Engineering. This PAA (Punctured Assistant Apparatus) relates to automotive ergonomics. This will be assisting the users of two wheeled automobiles when, they encounter a condition of punctured tyres at places located in remote areas far from location of service outlets. It aimed at protecting the tyre of the automobile, from getting further punctured and deteriorated & damaged in the event of occurrence of a puncture and while being taken to the tyre workshop for getting the puncture set right by conventional method, i.e., dragging the sick vehicle (due to punctured wheel) to the nearby location where the tyre workshop can be found.

So when u get flat tire, it’s very difficult to pull motorcycle and also if you do so, chances of damage to tire increases by stones and irregular road.

So device should be design which can resolved above problems.

So model consist of frame upon which the wheels are mounted.. The frame comprises of a belt or a fastening mechanism for providing a quick fastening means the apparatus on the wheel of the motorcycle. Hooks are incorporated in the frame and a hole on which the straps would be mounted. The straps are made with Velcro or any, appropriate material. A quick release and fastening mechanism is provided for preventing the sliding of the wheel from the frame.

The frame is incorporated with a depression built within it which is appropriately calculated and which can be suited to ensure that a flat punctured wheel cannot get displaced or moved out unless vertically lifted by a external large force and not due to the movement of the vehicle. The frame has also a self securing tie rod assembly provided with it which can help in settling and snugly fitting the punctured wheel properly on the frame. The edge of the frame serves as stoppers when the belt is fastened and makes the assembly rigid. This helps to ensure that when the vehicle is pushed: the wheels of the trolley rotate and the wheel of the vehicle itself doe s not rotate.

So contact area between road and punctured tire has to be placed on some frame or plate attached with wheel so that it can be easily drag to some places and also punctured tire is not damage.


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    Its very painful for motorcycle users to drag there punctured vehicle so Device design to remove fatigue and anxiety of 2-wheeler users to move there sick vehicle very easily.
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