Slant: Defrosting Container and Cutting Board

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Many people, including myself, take meat or leftovers out of the freezer each morning and leave them to defrost in the fridge to be cooked when they get home from work. The problem is that I am constantly looking for the right sized container, WITH a lid, and then I am still stuck with a chicken breast that has been sitting in its own defrosted runoff for hours. Slant changes that. A slanted design with built-in ridges allows runoff to drip to a collector throughout the day, all while keeping your food unexposed throughout the day.

But that's not the whole cooking process. I also wanted Slant to be used for its full potential. Slant doubles as a cutting board, to slice up your perfectly-defrosted foods right on the surface. Slide items into the trough as you cut them and you have a freshly chopped meal assembled and ready to cook. Perfect for slicing a brisket too, so that you can collect those awesome juices and save them for later.


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    Terence Gelo
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    Good old fashioned sketching, immersive research, 3D modeling (Rhino/Solidworks), SLA and FDM 3D printing.
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    Playing guitar, brewing beer, trying restaurants
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    I am 2013 graduate from University of Houston's Industrial Design program, where I specialized in user-centered design backed by research. This has led me to cultivate a great appreciation for the results of analytic planning, exploratory conceptualization, and innovative yet pragmatic execution. Aside from running a biomedical device company inspired by my senior thesis, I am currently a product designer at Igloo Products Corporation. My past includes a diverse array of design criteria as an employee of Elaine Turner Designs (women's apparel), Point Innovation (product design consultancy), and Southwest Museum Services (designing museums from concept to production). I truly love what I do and if it didn't pay the bills I would do it for fun. So outside of playing instruments, brewing beer, and trying crazy foods, design is how I spend my downtime as well.
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    Rhinoceros, KeyShot 5
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