Bricks with mechanical joining

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Develop projects bricks with mechanical joints.
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The innovation consists in removing and replacing mortar with sealing tape. The joints between the bricks are mechanical - with screws. Screws achieved verticality, combines and compresses. The pin carried horizontality.
Halves are needed, corners ends and wall posts. By special design can be made rigid walls with insulation inside.

What I want to achive is a cleaner construction site without bonding mortars, just sealing tape between rows of bricks. Bricks are intertwined in such a way that it can be screwed. The upper row is screwed in turn below.
In walls are created a grid of holes. Each brick has tubes inside. The grid is for TV+NET+230V.
There are models that has the hole for outlet.

In total there are 19 models of the bricks + caps. Two models are prototyped -- 3D printed from plastic.

The only realistic way of production would be through 3D Printing.



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