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OrchidEarth is the name of this speaker system

Instead of using traditional cross overs that split by frequency ie tweeter gets the top range, solid state transducer gets middle and bass driver gets lower frequencies. This design requires a digital cross over that provides each individual speaker its own analogue signal because the frequency is instead split by amplitude. ie the tweeter will play the narrow amplitude frequency, midrange will play the mid part of the amplitude, sub base will play the even larger amplitude , the bass driver the even larger and the larges amplitude will be played by the subsonic sphere woofer. Traditionally when you pluck a guitar string, the tweeter and midrange will play the sound as it will be in their range and the bass drivers will do little if anything and the pressure from the pluck will have to be managed by the midrange where it will struggle to replicate that pressure due to its size and limitation of travel and thus you lose a great deal of realism as you never hear all of the sound wave.

With a digital amplitude ‘cross over’ each speaker will take part in playing the sound of plucking the guitar string to replicate the complete sound. I.e the initial pressure of the pluck being the highest in amplitude and pressure will be played by the woofer or mid woofer as those speakers can handle the air pressure and have travel and size to replicate that sound wave. All the speakers above will replicate their section of amplitude of that sound wave and an end result, the whole soundwave will be reproduced in its entirety by the whole speaker system.

The Golden Ratio states there must be three drivers and the shape of the drivers adheres to the golden ratio in 3 dimensions i.e. on all planes. The largest is the woofer taking over from the sphere subsonic woofer made from carbon composite. Above that is the mid base woofer taking over from the woofer made from aluminium. Above that is the solid state transducer made from Kevlar. And above that is your diamond tweeter.

A sphere subsonic woofer made from composite rubber with 4 apposing magnets and associated voice coils in the N,S and E,W configuration. The magnets are positioned at the centre of the sphere with the voice coils and speaker cone type reaching out and attached to the rubber skin of the sphere. The N,S run opposite polarity to E.W. I.e. When N,S is pushing out, E,W is pulling in. The top and bottom don’t move as they support the magnet and voice coil assembly at the centre and fix the subsonic woofer to the speaker unit as well as maintaining the sphere shape.


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    Having two children and watching my wife struggle with the pram while pregnant trying to fit it in and out of our car I thought there must be a device to assist mothers with their prams and also people who have smaller cars who's pram consumes the entire boot space.
    I Googled and couldn't find a single solution to this universal problem!
    So I set out researching, designing and building a PramAlong prototype to make life easier for the 10's of millions of mothers out there who struggle on a daily basis with their prams. With the PramAlong they will struggle no more.
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