Firstwerable Thermoband - Thermometer sticker

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FirstWearable – Thermoband-Easy to use device to monitor fever

The unique fever monitoring device that relieves parents' stress. An easy to use device with no complicated settings or battery charging - Lets you sleep well and take actions when your child has a fever. The thermoband has LED indicators and buzzers to warn you about temperature rise or calm you with temperature drop data. ThermoBand will alert your smart phone if your child’s temperature increases.

Product features
Easy to stick on and flexes to fit your forehead. Easy operation, no operating manual needed.
Green LED shows fever drop. Red LED shows fever going up.
Auditory warning.
Re-usable and washable electronics.
Battery lasts 1-2 years in typical use.
Bluetooth Smart data transfer with a nearby smartphone.
Smartphone generated alarms and calls.
Safe to use - no high power radiations.

Bluetooth Smart low energy.
Extremely low power electronics. Battery saving low power techniques such as turn on only if attached to body and others.
Ability to compare normal daily, hour to hour temperature variations to show temperature direction and better fever detection. No other thermometer in market has this feature.
Monitoring smartphone can call other phones. Cloud data analysis for disease outbreak area detection.

Cost and manufacturing
Under $38 in low volume and under $25 in consumer volumes.
Manufactured using standard flexible PCB technology and medical bandage technology.

Thermometers and color changing temperature strips are a huge market. This technology is better than existing technologies. The meter also detects temperature change direction and parents can decide whether to sleep or not depending on fever direction and anti-fever medication cycle. This alone makes the product highly desirable during flu season.


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