The OVAL Fire Extinguisher

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Oval Fire Products offers the only 10 pound fire extinguisher that measures less than four inches deep, thereby fitting in a flush, fully-recessed cabinet without requiring a change of the standard 3 5/8” (92mm) wall studs to 6” or deeper. It also readily meets the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), ANSI/ICC A117.1, and ISO 21542 requirements related to height of installation and 4" (90mm) protrusion limits.

Also, cabinets may now be eliminated due to our extinguisher protruding less than four inches into the adjacent path of travel. When interior designers and architects make walls deeper to accommodate fire extinguisher cabinets, a significant amount of rentable area is lost. Our extinguisher eliminates that wasted space and gives it back to the developer. For example, where annual rent is $30/sf, installing the Oval fire extinguisher can return approximate savings of $550 in the first year of use, and $90 annually every year forward.

Oval Fire Products offers its patent pending rounded rectangle design in 10 pound ABC and Purple K (PKP) fire extinguisher models. Its patent pending hook, which resists dropping and significantly reduces risk, is primed to become an industry standard.

In 2013, Kevin Kozlowski established Oval Fire Products to go to market with his invention, the three-inch deep, slim line extinguisher. Kozlowski currently serves as the Company’s president and CEO. A Series B raise scheduled for later this year will focus on scaling operations.



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