Self Charging Battery

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This idea targets the transformation of mechanical energy to electrical energy using piezoelectric materials. With piezoelectric materials, it is possible to harvest power from vibrating structures. In gadgets like mobile phones, television remotes, laptops and other devices which employ key depressions for operation, mechanical vibrations are produced while pressing the keys. If these vibrations are successfully harvested, the resulting energy could serve as an ancillary source of energy for charging the batteries.

• The idea goes like this: A sheet of piezoelectric material is placed beneath the keypad of a mobile phone or a laptop or otherwise the keys itself are made of the piezo material. when we press the keys we are supplying the mechanical energy to the piezo material ,then the piezo material responds to it by generating a voltage proportional to the force applied that charge produced will be send to the battery which stores the charge, thus the battery gets charged.
• If the voltage generated is more than the battery specifications then the adapter used in between would bring it down to the required value. We also thought of using a switch just in front of the battery so that whenever there is no need for ‘piezo charging ‘ the switch can be opened and the charging stops ..

• The basic block diagram of the proposed model is shown in Figure. It consists of 3 main blocks, (a) piezoelectric power generation (b) rectification (c) storage of DC voltage. AC voltage is generated from the piezoelectric material which is rectified by the rectification block and then it is stored in a storage device such as a battery.

I have taken the battery of Nokia 16 16 2 model (battery type BL-5CB) as our reference while doing the experiments .The following are the specifications of the battery:
(1) Li-Ion, 800 mAh
(2) Voltage: 3.7 V
(3) Power : 3.0wh

• The idea pertains generally to a mechanism for capturing mechanical energy and converting it to electrical energy, and is particularly useful for continually charging or providing emergency power to mobile, laptops and battery powered devices that are handled or carried by people.

• As the project has components that were relatively cheaper and when piezo materials were ordered in huge quantity the cost reduces further.

Hence in economic point of view it would come up to cost equivalent to a cell adapter.
• More over this product will have much impact on present day environment, one can start charging his Mobile or laptop from anywhere and anytime.

• The design presented here will be quite effective in providing an alternate means of power supply for the mentioned devices even during emergency.

• Presently energy efficient and eco-friendly electronic devices are in great need and demand so I thought of an idea that would charge the battery of electronic devices by using the property of piezoelectricity.


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