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The DCLP, Digital Color Light Pen is a pen size tool for comparing Color using a digital number as reference. There are three implementations of this tool: (1) using a look-up chart to identify the color comparison, (2) using an internal microprocessor with a built in look-up calibration table, (3) using a smart phone or iPhone APP.

DCLP.01 includes 4 color LED light sources, a photo-receiving array, a V/F converter, ROM memory, and 4-segment numeric display.

DCLP.02 includes 4 color LED light sources, a photo-receiving array, a micro-processor, and a 4-segment numeric display.

DCLP.03 includes an accessory pen with a cable connection to a smart phone and APP for creating a number associated with the Color under test.

This tool enables Color Match using Digital Number comparison. For example, matching paint to fabric, or wall paper to paint, or fabric to wall paper. It can be used to compare chlorine testing for swimming pools to identify PH levels, with a known sample standard. This tool is especially useful to people that are color-blind. But helps any one Match colors between elements in a Home Decorating project, home or Office. Red - Yellow - Green - Blue frequency light sum together to create a voltage, which excites a Voltage-to-Frequency converter, addressing a ROM to output a numeric, digital reference number. Being a portable tool, one can shop multiple vendors for home décor elements in a design project, matching color numerically.


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