Universal Reader for the Blind

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Visually impaired people are always deprived of reading the conventional printed text. Available solutions so far suggest the conventional text to be converted into Braille or audio. However this is a very tedious & costly process. Moreover, these solutions are available to limited languages, and not all the conventional books can straightaway be converted into these special forms at the time of release. The proposed design, “Universal Reader for Blind” is addressing this concern. The OPT101 optical sensor array is used to sense the black text on white paper. TI’s C2000 Delfino TMS320F28335 microcontroller will accept the sensed data through the 16 analog channels for further processing. The embedded firmware using CCS IDE is implemented which will retrieve the logic of pattern regeneration using preprogrammed static database mapping with adjustable ambient threshold. The character is regenerated using a solenoid array in combination with ULN2803 producing mechanical motion on corresponding black dot being sensed. Taking into consideration the existing devices and the device proposed here, the differentiating and newly added features are described below. A novel functionality in the proposed device is the language independency of the text being read. The device is completely battery operated as opposed to other existing devices, which makes it even more usable for all. This language independent, standalone, portable, low-cost device helps the visually impaired to read printed text directly by feeling the text while moving their hand. This will provide the complete freedom for blind people to read like a normal person does without any special training such as Braille or audio.


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    Sai Gautham Thoppa
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    N Abid Ali Khan(Vasavi College, India),
    T Sai Gautham(Vasavi College, India),
    S Varun Kumar(Vasavi College, India),
    M A Anwar(Vasavi College, India).
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    Code Composer Studio
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