Brush-Pick "The Ultimate Oral-Care"

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Brush-Pick - “The Ultimate Oral Care”

The idea of Brush-Pick is an improved electric toothbrush with manually controlled or automatic water jet-stream. This product is 10 times more efficient for cleaning our teeth and gums than the regular electric toothbrush.

Usually we use 3 different techniques to clean our mouth and save our teeth. The basic is the toothbrush, the second the floss, the third the Water-Pik mouth rinse device. These 3 methods together are cleaning our mouth the most efficient. When we use these techniques at least 2 times a day, it is just taking too long time in this running, very busy life. 2 minutes brushing, 2 minutes flossing, and 2 minutes water-picking, plus the set up and cleanup before, and after the processes. All together around 10 minutes.

Who has that time, or who is really, honestly spend this amount of time to taking care, cleaning the mouth, minimum once, or maybe twice a day? Hmmm….but we should!

Who want to clean his/her mouth effectively as this 3 method does together, in less than 3 minutes? I think everyone! That’s how I found the idea of Brush-Pick “The Ultimate Oral-Care.”

The Brush-Pick is an electric toothbrush combined with Water-Pik. This revolutionary idea will do clean our mouth with high efficiency under same amount of time as the regular tooth-brushing needs. In the same time when we brushing our teeth, we can rinse our mouth with gentle water jet-stream. Anytime when we need, spray water jet to the space of the teeth, and deeply rinse out the left-over food chunks from our mouth. The water-jet can be controlled by the side-button to run each time when we push it, or set automatically continuous or pulsating. It is improving the brushing method with an extra option in the same time, without setting up another device to do the next process. That is how Brush-Pick can ultimately maintain our mouth on daily basis, much better than any other.

Two versions would be available for our comfort. Cordless, with water storage tank to brush teeth above the sink. The second option with universal, easy hookup to the shower heads, or faucets. We can brush our teeth comfortable in the shower or bath.
More, new opportunity with the mouthwash material. It can be created directly for the Brush-Pick as “mouthwash & toothpaste all in-one”, so we can eliminate the toothpaste usage also.

The price for the Brush-Pick would be less expensive than the electric toothbrush and the Water-Pik prices together.


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    Csaba Orban
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    Business Owner/Manager
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    Everyone's days are usually a very busy, running day. I brush my teeth as many times as I can, to keep my teeth and gum fresh and healthy. I always use electric toothbrush,often floss, waterpik sometimes. I wanted to create useful device, what is clean the mouth more professional then the basic toothbrush, and efficient as the 3 cleaning method all in one.
    In a single device, Brush-Pick ultimately can save our teeth and gum's health less the 3 minutes.
    Happy everyday tooth-brushing!
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