Tube Squeezer

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Most of the time whenever any tube comes to end we generally use any heavy object to squeeze out the remaining and no doubt the process of it is very lengthy and sometimes difficult in various circumstances. So given this problem I searched over internet to find some suitable product to squeeze any tube with ease and yes I got one product in which there was a fixed slot in between where the end of the tube was to be inserted and then by simply pulling the end, all the fluid inside the tube could be squeezed out. But limited width slot was a problem to me and thus I started working on a new product which can squeeze out any tube with variable thickness. This products simple design makes it simpler to manufacture. It has two steel wire parts with low elasticity which are pivoted with each other with the help of rivets. Two cylindrical rubber cushions are mounted on the wire to ease and quickly carry out the process of squeezing. This product is handy and can be kept in almost all the areas of the household, from bathroom to kitchen to squeeze out any product the user wants. In the end this product will me our lifestyle much more easier and pleasant.


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    Abhijeet Das
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    Right now I am pursuing Mechanical Engineering and I love to design any product which can ease out the process to which the product is designed for. This product design was only possible because of incrustation I had with this two tubes- toothpaste and hand wash refill. Anyways if you want to have a look on more of my designs then please visit- DAS DESIGN
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