Global Earthquake System

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Hi, Engineer Bill to Planet Earth, Earth are you listening? I have a Global Earthquake System ready to be used with minimal cost to the taxpayers and guaranteed to save lives. I have a proposal to Bill Gates, Tim Cook or Mark Zuckerberg: we already have in place a system for detecting earthquakes in advance that no one has considered -- our smart phones. With the advent of smart phones with GPS and built in Sensors the mechanisms are in place. We just need to have them reprogrammed either by the manufacture or use a specialty designed App to put it all together. The concept would be after the phone has been sitting without motion for a few minutes it would go into "Sense" mode, monitoring for earthquakes, the phone sensor would be set for a specific low freq. vibration, when detected, it would send out a signal with its GPS location and seismic information to the "Satellite" or "Cloud," the satellite would then look at the info and calculate direction and size of quake, then send out a warning signal to all other iPhones, networks etc, it would be like throwing a pebble into the water and see the ripples, all this at the speed of light.

This warning signal would give people the extra time to take cover or leave the building to a safe place So why spend Billions of our tax payers moneys on a new system when everything is in place right now. This in itself would be a big feather in someone's cap to pull this off, could you imagine "The Google Warning System" all over the planet, that's what I said were talking about a grand scale system for all of the planet not just California or the United States but Planet Wide, after all smart phones are everywhere, thanks for your time and please like this we need the right people to step up to the plate.
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    I have been designing equipment and sound stages for the motion picture industry for the past 40 years, the inspiration comes from knowing that I have built something that people enjoy. Knowing that I have changed peoples lives in some small way....I now work for USC School of Cinematic Arts, trading working with clients to working with students ....Thank you!
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