Electromagnetic car battery charging

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Electric cars have been around for quite some time now. Despite a few limitations such as the cap on top speed and the clumsy electric wires that are needed to charge the vehicle after use, it still has received a lukewarm response. With the increased clamour towards sustainable energy, it is quite likely that the sales of such electric cars will increase (with improved performance, obviously!). In this backdrop, I would like to propose a method for charging electric vehicles through electromagnetic induction thereby eliminating those clumsy wires and making them redundant. I have done and tested this and the model works seamlessly.

The idea is to have a power generator fixed on the floor of the garage and have a receptor fixed to the chassis of the car. With this setup, the user no longer needs to connect any wire to charge the battery. All that the user has to do is just switch on the power supply for the power generator. Once this is done, the internal circuitry (part of the power generator) ensures that the incoming AC supply from the mains is converted into the required voltage. The receptor, present in the chassis of the car, is linked electromagnetically to the power generator through strong flux linkage achieved using copper tubes on the outside. This coupling ensures that the power is transmitted from the power generator to the car (receptor). The wastage of power that is not absorbed by the receptor is minimized automatically since the receptor is made circular and of a slightly larger size and the vertical height between the floor and the chassis is pretty small for the flux linkage to have a strong hold.

Imagine going out on a drive and coming back after a long day. Instead of fiddling with the wires, you can just switch on the supply and move away peacefully only to find that your car is charged automatically and ready for the next ride. Isn't that a convenience?!!


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