Honeybee Nano Bubbles®

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Honeybee Nano Bubbles® are designed to function as an all-natural dietary replacement for table sugar and artificial chemical sweeteners, such as powdered chemical compounds. The Honeybee Nano Bubbles® are produced using a 'NASA Spinoff' microencapsulation instrument and technology developed by Dr. Joseph A. Resnick for RMANNCO, Inc. of Lenoir, NC. First used to produce microcapsules as taught in US Patent # 5,807,724, this same instrument is used to configure microspheres and nano-spheres. Using the instrument, nano-bubbles are produced using only natural, raw Honey. The product is unique and constitutes a "total game changer" in the food and beverage sweetener segment. A substantial body of evidence clearly shows that consumption of highly refined, granulated cane sugar can be detrimental to humans leading to diseases, e.g., dental caries, Type I and Type II Diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and disabilities.

The Honeybee Nano Bubbles® are designed to provide a 'healthy alternative', an all-natural sweetener product leading to replacement of cane sugar in the human diet. The surface area of nano bubbles, at any one point, is negligible, i.e., there's not much to stick-to, and because the spheres are 'almost perfectly-round', they do not stick to each other. This results in 'improved flow-ability'. Another feature from the nutritional perspective is that the caloric index of the Honeybee Nano Bubbles® is reduced proportional to the % loading or size of the hollow core. For example, take a drop of honey that contains, say, 100 calories. When raw honey is processed using the proprietary instrument the unhealthy fruit-sugar/water is removed resulting in creation of a microscopic-sized ball with a hollow core. By controlling the van der Waals incident during manufacture the caloric value of the manufactures is reduced by 50-70% resulting in a healthier food sweetener product. Processing has no effect on taste, organoleptic properties or Brix Index of the manufactures. The natural sweetener compounds in the Honey are forced into the shape of a near-perfect sphere due to ability to control the astrophysical events that are taking place during the manufacture process, which includes compensating for the Coriolis Effect.


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