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"The arc shelf" is a curved shelf that eliminates the time-consuming hassle of folding pullovers - t-shirts, sweaters and sweatshirts - especially long sleeve garments. Instead of folding a user just drapes the garment over the curved shelf. To allow multiple shelves to be used above or under each other or any obstruction (e.g., hanging clothes), the shelves slide out from the wall. The vast majority of people dislike folding, which we are forced to do because they have no alternatives. Hangers and hooks – or paying someone to fold - have obvious drawbacks and limitations, which is why so many of simply live with the clutter or toss once-worn clean items back in the hamper. And it’s an inefficient process – taking much more time than it deserves – and after all that effort, which many aren’t very good at, shirts are still wrinkled and creased when taken off the shelf and unfolded, which then for some leads to ironing the unfolded garment, more waste of time.

Product Benefits

It’s much faster. Because of the simplicity of the process - pull out a shelf, shake out a shirt, drape it on the shelf and flip it back. 5 or 6 seconds instead of 20 - 30. Long sleeves take no longer than short sleeves.

It’s neater. Because of the draping and the single flip, with sleeves hanging off the side, there is almost no creasing or wrinkling, and in fact, the weight of the shirts and the pull of gravity off and down to the side of the shelf "presses" the shirts. Which also saves ironing.

Better use of space. It's not necessarily a space-saver, but it is a space maximizer. With its small versatile footprint, it can be easily installed in places where traditional shelving, which is usually a larger more cumbersome structure. "the arc shelf" will fit in most closets, between the shelves of installed traditional shelving, and can be used lower to the floor because of the draping and sliding function. It can also go "open wall", or a free-standing floor model (see our video). With 20 – 30 pullovers on a two-shelf unit, traditional flat shelving can be put to better use.

Easier for children. With the versatile placement and ease of use, the shelf can be used by very young children to starting putting away their own clothes and cleaning their rooms (and saving even more time for the parents).

Accommodates elderly and disabled. Many people have physical challenges, such as arthritis, back issues, lack of mobility, and more - and can't find a physically-accommodating space to fold, have trouble manipulating the fabric, and/or struggle using and reaching traditional static shelving. The arc shelf requires much less bending over and dexterity, and the shelf, which can be used nearer to the floor, slides out to the user.


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    David Sandgrund
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    A small Manhattan apartment, lots of t-shirts, and daily frustration with the process of folding pullovers led me to some serious thinking about how to avoid it!
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