Shaving Conditioner

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Having sensitive skin requires the proper selection of a razor. Even if you grow a beard you must, from time-to-time, touch-up the growth of “unwanted hair. For example, on your neck, your cheeks or your chin. I believe for men, that the most sensitive area to shave is the neck. For women, it is either the bikini area or underarms. The best available “help” for these sensitive spots so far, is the “lubricating strip” manufactured on a majority of the disposable razors. The various manufacturers that provide these “strips” which, (again, the advertising promises), to: 1.) Lubricate your skin and 2.) Prevent multiple passes of the razor over your skin. These strips have improved the comfort during shaving, when compared for example, to a razor without the strip! But there is still the after-shave irritation.

It is obvious that as you shave, the first thing that passes over your skin and beard are the blades of the razor, which are then followed by the “lubricating strip”. Does this seem a little contrary to the propaganda you hear? This is the major cause of post shave irritation. I believe the razor manufacturers do not put the “strip” on the leading, (opposite), surface of the razor because your beard/hair would remove a majority of the “strip” very quickly.

This product, Momentum, does for your skin and beard what the little “strip” cannot do – Lubricate, Condition and protect your skin and hair – prior to being touched by the razor blade. Jimmies will revolutionize not only how you shave, but also how you feel after you shave! No more irritation! Experiment with this new product and you will wonder how you ever shaved without it! Another benefit of Momentum, the conditioners and lubricants soften your beard, so with the proper care your razor actually last longer.


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