Smart Education System

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Our education system is now totally based on pen and paper; we all give exams on a paper sheet and write all our notes on paper. Nearly 4 billion trees worldwide are cut down each year for paper, Think about it, if we develop a smart system that will be able to give us a proper base for our study. I'm talking about smart notepad, smart board, and smart table for a student.

Smart board will be able to write calculations through a touch screen and also have a sharing facility to share all the data that is written by the teacher. By this our students will save their time to manipulate it into other work. Smart notepad will be able to make easier calculations. It will store some basic data (like formulas, basic calculations, etc.) that can be used by the student at the time of his calculation. And the smart notepad will be able to give some important notifications (like workshops, seminars, conference of their particular course). So the student can attend them on the time. Smart table will be able to take the students' exams digitally and store all of the data for all academic sessions. That can be very helpful for a student because he will not lose any data of his study during his all sessions.

1. We can replace the pen paper generation of education system and make a step to advance the education system.
2. We can reduce tree cutting rate by this product because nearly 4 billion trees worldwide are cut down each year for paper.
3. The student can save their valuable time that spent into writing notes and note down them from white board.
4. The teacher can give their full attention to his student because by this smart board he can make his explanations to students more easily by 3D presentation.
5. Student can understand the theories and principles more accurately by this smart system because this smart system can give them 3D experience of any theories and principles that can be very hard to explain with the help of pen and paper.
6. We can do more calculation in less time and with more accuracy.
7. With the help of this system we can create many chat groups among classmates and discuss our topics and do more creative inventions.

By this system we can take our humanity to its next step.


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