Creative Caring Corporate Initiative

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1. The idea involves a paradigm shift in expanding the corporate support of employee volunteering. This expanded support would have corporations donate a day’s worth of their best creative talent to address product solutions for the elderly and those coping with disabilities. The donated day would be in the form of a targeted ideation session on a selected elderly/disability product solution need.

2. With corporate support, an Intellectual Property Trust would be established.

3. At least one additional partner (skilled in creativity/innovation/ideation) would provide the creativity/innovation moderator(s) for the targeted Intellectual Property Trust projects.

4. Companies would allow their most creative employees to participate in the ideation sessions. The employees and their companies would assign all potential intellectual property rights derived from those sessions/subsequent activities to the Intellectual Property Trust.

5. The project topic in the ideation session would be very distant from the company’s current and future products.

6. A single company could be in an ideation session or participants could come from two or more companies.

7. The Intellectual Property Trust would file for patents/trademarks and license the patents/trademarks out for commercialization. Derived royalties would flow back into the Intellectual Property Trust.

8. Since inventorship is defined by the allowed patented claims, the companies of the inventors would be listed somewhere on the future commercialized product literature.

9. A company could contract with the Intellectual Property Trust for targeted ideation on an elderly/disability product solution. The company would be able to select the non-competing firms that would be part of the ideation session. The company would have first option on licensing the intellectual property derived from the ideation session.

10. The donated labor for the ideation sessions may be tax deductible by the companies.

11. Examples of potential “Creative Caring” ideation:
a. A collapsible mobile cart that fits into the trunk, rapidly opens/rapidly closes and can transport 20lbs. of groceries up a flight of stairs.
b. A lightweight wheelchair that collapses to ¼ of the wheelchair’s overall diameter and can easily be placed and removed from a car trunk.
c. A better method to assure medication is being correctly taken.
d. “Baby Boomers” have used product design as a key product purchasing criteria. Yet, when those consumers age, their mobility product solutions appear to have been constructed from materials obtained from the local hardware store. A design firm might develop an amazing cane and walker design that ensures an emotional connection with the consumer.

12. The Benefits of “Creative Caring”:
a. Breakthrough ideas to address the needs of the elderly and those with disabilities are not being easily discovered due to current limited creative power being placed towards finding product solutions.
b. “Creative Caring” brings the best in creative talent to those needed product areas.
c. With royalties going back into the Intellectual Property Trust, the entire effort could eventually become self-sustaining.
d. The sharpening and renewing of a corporation's creative talent by their ideation on a new and refreshing product topic.


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