Wearable Tech Gadgets On Green Strappings

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The fouling of environment, excessive water use and threat to
workforce are the underlying negative image plaque denting this US$ 79
Billion Leather industry by 2014 valuation.

We've developed, prototyped and patented novel 60-minute fast
acting biobased cellulose derived products which overcomes this menace
with novel fast, odor-free and secondary waste value addition approach
and product.

The current week-long incubation , slow acting, fouling and waste
laden materials in Leather Dehairing processing like Sodium Sulphide
and heavy metal agents based are harmful materials and they are posing great
environmental challenges . sludge waste used as substitute for
Phosphate builder in Detergents & Fertilizer.
Phosphates poison the environment via Eutrophication.
See Pix for Success story:



This technology is set to replace wood ash as a major component of
dehairing agent among artisan Tannery operators in Africa and other
developing countries globally. this would save forest from the
additional pressure of being consumed as source of fuels.


The next is Wearables and big and promising with lightweight gadgets’
convenience. we need to expose our bodies to the green and safest
strap materials for human bodies and it's LEATHER.

Leather industry’s new frontier in wearable technology products ; smart
watch & electronics, medical/health/fitness and wellness, arm, wrist
band, etc are set to explode the current leather market from the
current US$ 79 Billion with additional US$ 70 Billion by 2025.

(See this 2015Report http://goo.gl/5lSyTl)

Wearable tech relies solely on Leather and the Leather must be greened up

Some additional information on the timely intervention of the
technology is linked here :


What a fashionable thing to wear green strapped tech gadgets with
us wearing clothes washed with environmental friendly laundry

The future would be proud of us.



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