APS - Automatic Protection System

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The problem that we want to solve is to avoid the fulfillment of thefts in private homes using an active anti-theft system. The idea is that of a system which, by continually monitoring the internal domestic environment, is able to detect the presence of one or more extraneous and perform, after notification prerecorded, a dissuasive action against them using a quadcopter robot-type.

The deterrent action may be different depending on the laws. In Italy, for example, you can use the pepper gas, while in other countries, you can use bullets to the "taser". Obviously, the use of the taser is much more effective than pepper gas.
The benefit you get using this system is a higher level of security and protection in case of theft.

It improves the existing anti-theft systems, as it offers an active solution and targeted to deter or stop the thief when it enters the apartment.

The product can be applied to all domestic dwellings and can be incorporated into a home automation system. The market is therefore that of home security and home automation systems.

All this is done using a distributed architecture that consists of a network of sensors, a control unit and a robot which acts as actuator. The sensor network is composed mainly of infrared sensors and PIR sensors and serves to implement the intrusion detection system. This system has the task of identifying illicit access and location "coarse" of an intruder in an apartment. For coarse position shall mean the room in which the intruder is present. Using information from the burglar alarm system and using a map of the apartment, the controller generates the trajectories that ranging from the initial position of the robot to the entrance of the room where there is the intruder. Once placed the robot, it will identify the actual location of the intruder and begin the attack. To locate the actual location of the intruder, we will equip the robot with a 3D depth sensor, similar to the Microsoft Kinect sensor. In this way the robot can see the intruder and in particular identify the spatial position of the head. This can be done because using this type of sensors, it’s possible to obtain a skeletal representation of a person. The robot will be able to be able to follow the trajectories aggressive, so as to make it difficult to break down.
The system is equipped with a dockstation, which in addition to accommodate the robot, will also function as the central control.

It’s important to emphasize that the system is intended to counteract theft, but not robberies. In case of robbery the system, it will not perform the action deterrent, but simply send a distress call to the police. In the next version, this limit can be removed.

We plan to build this product developing and patenting the algorithms, and then give the license to a third party, to do it build (outsurcing).

Currently, there isn’t on the market one such product.


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    Luca Agrippino
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    Luca Agrippino team founder;
    Giuseppe Arenare cofounder;
    Carmen Pucciano, cofounder;
    Egor Tropeano, cofounder;
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    The idea came to me because I want to protect myself and my family, and of course, the passion for robotics!
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    Matlab, Solidworks
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