the MultiBrush

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Imagine a paintbrush that could change sizes as needed while in the middle of a painting job. You just imagined the MultiBrush. The MultiBrush appears to be a normal 2" paintbrush, but when needed, it separates into 2 individual smaller brushes. A 3/4" and a 1 1/4" brush. Theses smaller brushes can be used to do the detail work, and when complete, effortlessly reattached using the patented magnetic technology back to the 2" configuration.

Always have the right sized brush in your hand.

Buy ONE brush
Store ONE brush
Clean ONE brush
Find ONE brush
Clean ONE brush
Hold ONE brush

As long as it is the MultiBrush

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    Chris Yingling
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    Business Owner/Manager
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    Problems that can be solved
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    Autodesk Suite
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