White Star electric toothbrush

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The White Star electric toothbrush is a product that is aimed at making kids enjoy brushing their teeth. At the heart of the concept is the notion of helping others, so for every brush sold, one is donated to those less fortunate. I believe parents are prepared to pay more for aproduct that is both better, technically and environmentally, and helps others. The brush and its accessories is also innovative. It has a solar powered charger, a corded rocket charger, a sensor for pressure and a timer, as well as animations and sounds. All together, it's one product that is hard to beat. Beyond that, it also has a social function since it also raises the interest for space. Since it has a solar charger, it is possible to use it without being connectected to the electric grid. Perfect for traveling in other word.


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    Carl Johan Bjoreman
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    Space and the problem of brushing my kids teeth
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    Rhino 3d
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